Rent a Boat with Skipper

Imagine that the sea is only an arm's length away for a week. All this away from the noise of hotels and the hustle and bustle of beaches, on a boat with your family or friends.

When it comes to yachts, the adjectives "luxury" and "inexpensive" come to mind first, of which the latter is now a thing of the past... In high season, the cost of a one-week Adriatic cruise can already compete with the price of an average apartment in Croatia, even if the In addition to the boat, they use the services of a skipper due to the lack of a driver's license, or simply for the sake of comfort and carefree relaxation.

Who are the Skippers and how does a week sailing with a skipper go?

In ordinary terms, the word Skipper means a hired captain who provides captain services on chartered ships. The essence of the skipper service is that the Skipper sails on the route agreed with the customer, serving the entertainment of the crew, taking into account the safety regulations.

What is the cost of chartering a boat with a captain?

In addition to the boat rental fee, you have to calculate the skippers' wages, which in Europe average between €90 and €150 per day, but the same service can reach €240 per day in the Caribbean.

In Croatia, the standard weekly skipper fee of a Croatian skipper is €1,050 + food, but Hungarian skippers can be trusted for a slightly cheaper price of around €600-€700.

Is there an obligation to pay a deposit when renting a skipper?

In the case of boat charters, the deposit must always be deposited, or the replacement insurance must be taken out on the spot, regardless of the skipper's request, even if the service is provided by the company's own employees. The reason for this is that damage can occur in the ship, not only in the case of the captain's fault, because a toilet blocked by toilet paper or a torn special waterproof pillow cover can also cause losses of hundreds of euros to the owner of the ship.