About Q-Yacht

The progress of a charter company usually depends on two mayor things. All the yacht owners, who are giving their trust for a charter company, expecting careful maintenance and of course the maximum amount of profit. It is not enough to gain this trust only once, we would like to keep this by using the standards of the Quality Yacht Charter Services regularly. We believe, that our fleet will successfully accomplish our goal trough the international network and with that, we can pass on our way of thinking, our attitude, and our values, with we would like to earn from our partners and clients their long time trust.

Why Q-Yacht?

The Q-yacht is a charter company which operates in between a strict system based on the Q standards when it comes to maintenance.

Q Standards

It is a service which was developed for maintaining the boats in a way that can secure a safe and carefree journey for our clients and guaranties a bigger salvage than the average for the owners.

Owner Guarantee

With the help of the Q Yacht owner guarantee system the investors/owners can be updated by daily the incomes, expenses of their boats, and they can easily plan ahead with their owner weeks.

Sales Network

The Q yacht has agency partners almost all countries in the world, and with their help our boats could be rented from anywhere.